Friday, June 24, 2011

Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls

WINNER, WINNER Cinnabon DINNER! These are AMAZING. I might actually not go back to Cinnabon again because I have literally conquered the cinnamon roll kingdom! These take some patience in the preparation process but they are so worth it. I made these for Mother's Day as a thank you for one of the girls at work coming in early to relieve me. They definitely went over well! You HAVE to try these! MOM: I finally out-did you! ...and thanks Liela, glad your sweet tooth is back in action! Tip on the prep process: let the dough rise once as the plain bread dough, and then let it rise again after they are rolled and cut in the pan. Full expansion possibilities. If your house is cool, let the dough rise in the closed oven.

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  1. these look amazing!!! i want to try them... someday. i'm not the best in the kitchen when it comes to dough though... it's a fear of mine actaully. haha.