Saturday, December 4, 2010

Pink Lady Cake

This was the celebration cake for a work baby shower for my educator Julie's first little girl! It was definitely tasty, but I for sure need some cake making practice because it was no easy feat. This one was a triple layer, real strawberry cake, separated by a delectable cream cheese frosting. Quite pleasing to the palate! I stuck closely to the recipe, aside from the addition of even more red food coloring. Pink is a necessary hue for a girly baby shower. I probably could've actually used even more than I did to make that pink really pop. My only warning on this one is this is one TALL cake. The lid for my cake stand wouldn't even fit over the cake! It certainly wasn't easy trying to transport this cake by myself across town. One hand on the cake, one hand for the steering wheel! Congrats Julie! Can't wait to meet the little one. 

Pink Lady Cake via Smitten Kitchen:

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