Saturday, November 20, 2010

Oven Beer Can Chicken

I've been doing this diet recently that requires me to consume a ridiculous amount of protein, so I've been forced to scope out some new creative means of consuming protein products over, and over, and over again. Beer can chicken = winner! Normally this is done on a grill, which I don't have, and won't use... because grilling is a man's job, and I don't enjoy my evenly shaped eyebrows being in such close proximity to open flames. This however, is an oven variety, which works quite nicely, contained heat. I used a tall can of High Life for the beer, I really don't think it matters what kind. This recipe is nice too because it gives you the cooking times for various different sized chickens. Make sure you use your meat thermometer!

Oven Beer Can Chicken via e-rcps:

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