Friday, January 7, 2011

Coconut Chicken Chili

This recipe instantly intrigued me... all the great flavors I love, but in a different presentation. Chili I thought? The ingredients sounded very thai-ish, which I LOVE... but the cannellini part was throwing me for a loop! Either way I knew I had to throw this in my recipe to do pile. Today I finally got around to it. I will say it is an interesting combination. The flavors do work well together with a few minor tweaks: I wanted the broth a little sweeter to bring out more of the coconut flavor so I added a bit of brown sugar, maybe a tablespoon. I also found that it needed a bit more salt, and a little shredded coconut garnish never hurt anyone. Serve over hot jasmine rice. (Trader Joe's has an awesome pop-in-the-microwave type that is more than suitable.)

Coconut Chicken Chili via Noble Pig:

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