Friday, January 21, 2011

Orecchiette with Cherry Tomatoes & Arugula

This is what life is all about: simple pleasures: simplicity, deliciousness, wholeness. You'd never think something so quick and simple could be so delightful and satisfying. I had the best intentions when I decided to attempt this recipe, most of all because Deb at the Smitten Kitchen has steered me in the right direction since the birth of this blog... but of course things never can go as planned. Example/question: Stater Brothers, why do you not carry orecchiette?! A basic pasta, simple enough you would think. Would it be too much to ask for even more, whole wheat orecchiette?! Probably. That's ok, compromise it is. So I made my best attempt by substituting mini whole wheat shells. It was the closest pasta size comparison I could find to the elusive orecchiete (which p.s. come to think of it I have only ever found at Olive Garden.) I also decided that my dinner needed some green uptake, so I added the whole bag of baby arugula opposed to the measly two cups that Deb suggested. One more substitution: grape tomatoes for cherry tomatoes, I find them a bit sweeter & less round. I hate round. :) Either way, delicious, quick, weeknight meal. Moscato pairing = perfection!

Orrecchiete with Cherry Tomatoes & Arugula via Smitten Kitchen:

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